Delicious Recipes for Ground Chicken

I would like to try to figure out some things to do with ground chicken. I recently bought a lot of it at the grocery store, because it was on sale. However, the problem is that I have never really used ground chicken before in the past. I need to come up with some ground chicken recipes to try out in the near future. I am going to freeze the bulk of the ground chicken that I purchased, but I am also going to use some it right away.

One of the things that I thought would be nice to try, is to make ground chicken burgers. I have never had a chicken burger before, but I can imagine that it would be somewhat similar to eating a turkey burger. And I am a big fan of turkey burgers. I need to figure out what differences there are between making a burger out of ground beef, and making one out of chicken.

I know that the chicken is a lot more lean than the ground beef that I typically use to make burgers. As such, I imagine that I need to add something to the chicken to make quality burgers. I was going to add some diced onions and garlic anyway, because I like to make things taste better. But I am not sure what I will do beyond that. Burgers are not the only recipe that I am going to need to come up with though. So I need to figure out some other things to do later in the week. I am probably going to make the burgers tonight. I think that I will top them with sharp cheddar, and maybe some red onions and mayonnaise. I think that they would go well on something like toasted onion buns.

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Diet Plans for Losing Weight Super Fast

I do not know how it happened, but I stepped on a scale this morning, for the first time in over six months, and I was thirty five pounds heavier than I thought that I was. I guess that I have been in denial, or something like that, because it is not hard to see that I am heavier than I thought, now that I really look int he mirror and try to be honest with myself. I guess that I am hoping to try to look for info about this insanity diet plan that I have been hearing about.

I have a friend, and his name is Mike. He is a bit obsessed with exercising, and stuff like that. I know that he likes to stay healthy, but he has had struggles with weight in his past. Continue reading

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Making Traditional Fish and Chips

Posted by grizzlymedia on September 5, 2007There are a lot of different foods that come to mind when you think of going to an Irish Pub for food and beer, but the one that sticks out the most is fish and chips. It is sort of a simple dish in many ways but such a great, flavorful one too. Although it does seem simple at first, given the number of times we have all probably tasted bad fish and chips, there are some things to keep in mind if you try to recreate the experience at home.

Some types of fish are better for battered fish than others. Cod tends to be the best one and it is in keeping with the Irish pub tradition as does Haddock. Cod is able to take on the batter well but still is able to come out light and flaky after being fried. Continue reading

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On the Search for a Few Good Pubs

Reviews Bosch 800 Series : NGM8054UC 30 5 Burner Gas Cooktop ...We were able to have a great time at my best friends bacherlorette party. My best friend was going to be getting married, and we wanted to do something really fun for her. We wanted it to be a surprise because it was so hard to surprise her, so we really wanted things to perfect. My best friend really loves Irish pubs, so I started to look online for different pubs that were in the area. We were able to find three different pubs that had great reviews and it seemed like we were going to have a great time.

We decided that we were going to all meet at the house of one of our friends. We had a really good time there, we had a few drinks and we ate just a few appetizers,and then we were ready for our night to start. The first pub that we went to was the one that got the best reviews. Continue reading

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