Check the Facts Before Making the Switch to Save Money on Electricity

My wife and I look to save money where we can. A friend of mine noticed me using coupons when I was buying a dozen donuts. He asked me why bother with a dollar coupon? I told him that those dollars add up to allow me to be able to afford the luxury of a box of donuts for the family once in a while. I use coupons at the grocery store, and pretty much look up savings online for everything we purchase. So does my wife. We both went to to find a lower per kilowatt hours rate for our home electricity bill.

We needed a plan that had a low per kilowatt hour rate, but we also needed one that did not have any minimum usage amounts. There would be no savings if we had to meet a minimum kilowatt usage per month to not have to pay a penalty. All you need to do is read the fine print. A little work can save you money on all of your monthly bills. Sure, people see those famous ads for saving money on car insurance, but you can also save on your monthly utility bills in a deregulated state such as Texas where we live. There are plenty of deregulated states where you can choose who provides your public utilities such as natural gas and electricity.

Just be sure to compare apples with apples when it comes to switching. The big thing is how much per kilowatt hour will you be spending. Then look to see if there are any usage minimums you know you will not meet every month out of the year. In the mild months of Texas weather, you may not use much in the way of AC or heat, so your electricity bill may fall below a minimum. The way to measure your maximum and minimum kilowatt usage for each billing cycle is to refer to 12 months of your electricity bill. It is recorded on each one.

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