Delicious Recipes for Ground Chicken

I would like to try to figure out some things to do with ground chicken. I recently bought a lot of it at the grocery store, because it was on sale. However, the problem is that I have never really used ground chicken before in the past. I need to come up with some ground chicken recipes to try out in the near future. I am going to freeze the bulk of the ground chicken that I purchased, but I am also going to use some it right away.

One of the things that I thought would be nice to try, is to make ground chicken burgers. I have never had a chicken burger before, but I can imagine that it would be somewhat similar to eating a turkey burger. And I am a big fan of turkey burgers. I need to figure out what differences there are between making a burger out of ground beef, and making one out of chicken.

I know that the chicken is a lot more lean than the ground beef that I typically use to make burgers. As such, I imagine that I need to add something to the chicken to make quality burgers. I was going to add some diced onions and garlic anyway, because I like to make things taste better. But I am not sure what I will do beyond that. Burgers are not the only recipe that I am going to need to come up with though. So I need to figure out some other things to do later in the week. I am probably going to make the burgers tonight. I think that I will top them with sharp cheddar, and maybe some red onions and mayonnaise. I think that they would go well on something like toasted onion buns.

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