We Had a Big Mess at Work

Of course I have a rather low opinion of our President, but I never talk about the man or Trump news because I know that it is just going to lead to trouble. At any rate most of the people at the office share my opinion, although like me many of them keep it quiet. You have a job to do and there is not much to gain by getting into quarrels with the other office drones. At any rate there is this one guy and he has been a first rate jerk a lot longer than Donald J. Trump has been president. I have not many issues with him, because within a few weeks of taking the job I promised him that if I ever lost my temper with him, it was going to be the worst day of his life.

In fact I am a big guy that works out regularly and I did two tours of duty with the Marines in Afghanistan and another in Iraq, so I have been scared by people who know how to scare you. This guy likes to play tough, but he really wants no part of anyone that is really tough. I am not going to go after him, because I like my job. That can not be said of the tiny little girl. He started snapping off to her and she just started beating his backside like that was her job. I could not help laughing, because the guy ran away and that seemed like the best thing. She took off chasing him and ran right past the boss. When he asked us what had happened, well no one told the story exactly the way it happened. We all liked her and no one liked him, so the story was all in her favor.

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